August Review: Books, Blogging & Booktube


August is over! I know a lot of people are pretty sad about this because it marks the end of summer but I’m pretty okay with it because my birthday is in September! So I thought I’d start a monthly post here on the blog where I wrap up the month by looking back on what I read, what content I posted, and some bookish things I’ve been loving. On my youtube channel I post monthly hauls and monthly wrapups where I do mini-reviews of everything I read that month, so if you want to get more detail, head over there!

Number of things read: 8 books, 5 graphic novels, 1 poetry book
Most read genre: CONTEMPORARY. What?! I don’t really read much contemporary, and if you asked me what my least favourite genre is, I’d probably say that. This month I read On The Island, Feeling Sorry for Celia, The Vegetarian, and Volume 2 of Giant Days, which are all classed as contemporary. So maybe I should give the genre a second chance!
Best read of the month: Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys – REVIEW HERE
Most disappointing read of the month: I.D by Emma Rios – a very ‘meh’ graphic novel with not great art
Most exciting new purchase: The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski – it’s the last book in the triology! So exciting!
Any readathons? I took part in the Reading Decathlon and did sort of semi-well? You can watch my vlog here.
Number of videos posted: 8
Most popular video: My July book haul! You can watch it here.
Number of blog posts: 9
My favourite blog post: Trope-busting YA novels! I hear too much critcism of YA and we’re all super aware of the overdone tropes, so I talking about some books that break those tropes, or use them in a different way.
Booktube recommendation: This month I want to recommend Books and Pieces’ video all about books for back to school motivation, where she recommends a load of great books set in schools with characters of all different ages. Loved it!
Book blog recommendations: I really loved Paper Fury’s post this month where she recommends fantasy books set all over the world, or in worlds based on countries other than the USA/UK. There are so many amazing books on this list which all look like they have fantasitc, rich worlds!

So that’s it for this month! This is the month I decided to start producing content 5 days a week – 3 blog posts and 2 youtube videos. I’ve managed to keep up with it so far, hopefully I can keep it going throughout September too! Let me know which books you loved and didn’t love so much, and I’ll see you on monday for another book review!



  • I like this format for a wrap up, and I’m very pleased to see a slick looking blog. I’ve been checking out your YouTube channel (I need to comment more) and I am always to find a blogger on YouTube.