New Releases for International Women's Day

International Women's Day is quickly coming up on Thursday 8th March, and there have been a lot of new releases coming out with the day in mind! Of course, I have way too many on my TBR to get through and honestly should have got started on this sooner, but I can - and should! - continue reading fantastic books about women well after IWD!

The theme for IWD this year is #PressForProgress, and there are a few different ways you can get involved, no matter your resources. You can...

  • Maintain a gender parity mindset
  • Challenge stereotypes and bias
  • Forge positive visibility of women
  • Influence others' beliefs/actions
  • Celebrate women's achievements

...and I think the books on this list definitely cover all of those! To learn more about International Women's Day, check out the website. Now let's get started on this list of feminist non-fiction books to read for International Women's Day!

Misogynation: The True Scale of Sexism by Laura Bates

Release date: 22nd February 2018

Laura Bates is the woman behind Everyday Sexism - a project that started out small but quickly grew, and has since become a bestselling book. After experiencing an act of 'everyday' sexism, being shouted at in the street, Laura started asking her female friends if they'd experienced the same thing, and soon started to see the scale of the problem. She started a website where women could share their experiences, and went on to write Everyday Sexism, a book discussing sexism in our society, driven by the real experiences of the women on the website.

Misogynation is her new book, which expands on the idea of everyday sexism and takes it to the next level. Laura Bates shows how lots of different acts of sexism, discrimination, and violence against women are not isolated incidents. She connects the dots to reveal the true scale of sexism and bust myths like 'women should learn to take a compliment.' I absolutely loved Everyday Sexism and its brilliant blend of anecdote and fact, so I can't wait for this feminist essay collection. And with a title as catchy as this, how could you resist?

On the Front Line with the Women Who Fight Back by Stacey Dooley

Release date: 15th February 2018

I love Stacey Dooley - I've been watching her BBC documentaries for years. Stacey has travelled all over the world, investigating difficult and traumatic issues and creating hard-hitting and often difficult to watch documentaries. In this book, Stacey shares the stories of women from around the world who are each living through difficult experiences, including sex trafficking, domestic violence, and drug use. She uses these stories to tackle these subjects and explore the many different issues women face around the world.

The format of this book reminds me of The War on Women by Sue Lloyd Roberts, which shared the stories of many women in difficult situations and was written by a seasoned journalist who had travelled the world to meet them. I loved the book and loved hearing the diverse stories with different global perspectives, and I'm looking forward to hearing more stories from women around the world as told with Stacey's signature delicate touch and warm heart.

Leftover in China: The Women Shaping the World's Next Superpower by Roseann Lake

Release date: 6th March 2018

What is a leftover? An unmarried woman. Not too long ago, marriage was the only way for women in China to get a livelihood and a life of her own. But after the one child policy came into effect, many women were pushed to study and work hard - just like boys - by parents who wanted successful children. Now, many of these women are postponing marriage in order to focus on their studies and their careers, forging a life of their own, but China's societal norms are yet to catch up with how quickly society has changed, sparking the nickname 'leftovers.'

This fantastic new book focuses in on urban areas within China, and combines anectode with demographic research to show how much these women are accomplishing and contributing, breaking new boundaries and carving their way into the future. I'm so excited to read a feminist book about the progress women are making in a non-Western society, and learning more about how China is changing as it becomes a global superpower.

Why Women Will Save the Planet by Friends of the Earth and C40 Cities

Release date: 1st March 2018

This is a brand new reprint of the original edition, which came out at the end of 2015, and is a unique collaboration between Friends of the Earth, an environmental campaigning group, and C40, a global network of cities committed to tackling climate change. The environment is an issue that's close to my heart, as I run a local group and an online magazine all about living sustainably and promoting ethical and sustainable fashion, so publish a combination of environmentalism and feminism and I AM THERE.

This book is a collection of essays celebrating women at the forefront of the environmental movement, from city mayors making sustainable change, to key voices in the environmental activism movement, as well as brilliant female academics who study climate change. This book sounds brilliantly unique and like it was made for me. This book celebrates and demonstrates the impact that women can have when they fight for change, and sounds like it'll be an inspirational call to action.

She: A Celebration of Renegade Women by Harriet Hall

Release date: 8th March 2018

This book is a collection of short essays about 100 different women throughout history who have made a brave, bold impact on the world and are brilliant role models. Each one features a cute illustration by Alice Skinner, and the book is written by Stylis journalist Harriet Hall.

Women from past and present are featured here, including Queen Cleopatra, Beyonce, Malala Yousafzai, Jane Austen, Coco Chanel, and Michelle Obama. This is a great bedside table book, one to pick up and read a few pages of every so often, and seems like a great way to stay inspired throughout the rest of the year.

There are so many fantastic new releases ready for International Women's Day, and of course a whole bunch of books that are already out! To get inspired, head into your local bookshop or library as I'm sure they'll have an International Women's Day table filled with brilliant books about brilliant women. Let me know if you're reading anything special for IWD!

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