Review & Swatch: Essie Nail Polish in Peach Daiquiri

I love Essie nail polishes, and this has got to be one of my favourites. It's a totally gorgeous pinky coral that's really bright and will be perfect for summer!

This is it swatched on my nail wheel. I didn't put a top coat on but it's still really glossy, like al the Essie polishes. This is it with two coats but it was already pretty opaque with just the one.

My camera is so unforgiving, my nail look awful here - they look better in real life, promise! This is such a pretty colour and it'll look even better with a tan. I did get one chip after the first day, but I was picking at the end of some sellotape so I'll forgive it!

This is definitely my favourite nail polish for Summer - what's yours?


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  1. I love Essie nail polish. It goes on easy, dries fast and stays long. Stopping by from the blog hop!