10 Upcoming New Releases | 2016


So we’re just over halfway through the year, and most of the new books everyone was excited for have now been released – but don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from! More books have been announced and given official release dates, and I’ve got ten here (including a couple of graphic novels) that I cannot wait for…

The Thousandth Floor – Katharine McGee | 30th August

The Thousandth Floor is set in 2118, in a huge tower where the elite live and the top and the not so well off live at the bottom, and long for the life above. When a young woman falls from the top of the tower, everyone is united in their obsession with the scandal and finding out what led to this women’s death, including our main character, who lives in the thousandth floor and is genetically designed to be perfect.

This book sounds like it’s full of lies, secrets, and betrayal, plus a hefty amount of mystery! It sounds like a really unique book and I’m super interested in finding out more about the world and how they live 100 years in the future.

The Little Book of Hygge – Meik Wiking | 1st September

This one is non fiction, and the subtitle is: ‘The Danish way to live well.’ The concept of hygge is something that’s really gaining popularity at the moment but if you’re not aware, hygge is a Danish word that doesn’t have a direct translation into English. It generally describes a way of creating happiness through cosiness, relaxation, and everything soothing. The author of this book is CEO of something called the ‘Happiness Research Institute’ (which sound AH-MAZING) and researches why Danish people are rated some of the happiest in the world. The book shares tips on creating hygge and general advice on how to use this concept to have a happier life!

This book sounds so exactly up my street. I’ve heard people describe hygge as some of my favourite things – reading a book with some yummy snacks, cozying up while it’s raining outside, drinking some hot chocolate, lighting some scented candles…it seems like it’s all about creating the right atmosphere. I’m such a huge introvert, and this book sounds like it’s packed full of ways to create happiness that don’t involve too much, you know, going outside and speaking to other humans, which is not my favourite.

A Madness So Discreet – Mindy McGinnis | 6th September

Yes!! Mindy McGinnis! This author wrote the Not A Drop To Drink duology which I absolutely love. She has a fantastic writing style which really makes me want to read more of her stuff, and the plot of this book sounds perfect for me. This book is described as a ‘twisted gothic historical thriller’ – YES PLEASE. It follows a woman who is sent to an insane asylum, and is later recruited as a doctor’s assistant when he visits her and decides she has a brilliant mind. From here, she struggles to balance her not-quite-sanity with her work, which becomes particularly difficult as she and the doctor investigate a murder.

Historical, mystery, thriller, asylums, gothic, twisted – YES OK I WILL BUY YOU

The Forgetting – Sharon Cameron | 13th September

This book sounds like it has such a unique plot. Nadia lives in the safe city of Canaan, surrounded by walls, where no one has a memory of what’s outside of them. Every twelve years, there’s The Forgetting – where everyone loses all of their memories. All they have afterwards is anything they’ve managed to write down to remind themselves of what they had and who they loved. Nadia is the only one who can remember. As the next Forgetting approaches, Nadia needs ot use her memory to fight an unseen enemy, before everyone forgets about it.

Just as I thought the dystopia genre was getting repetitive! Don’t get me wrong, dystopias are one of my favourite things to read about, but I’ve started to seen ideas getting repeated. And then this comes along! This world sounds so unique and imaginative, and I can’t wait to see what’s going on!

The Wonder – Emma Donoghue | 22nd September

This book is set in the Irish Midlands in the 1850s – which is already drawing me in – as is based on the actual folklore about ‘fasting girls’ where girls seemed to be able to live without eating. This follows a girl in a small village who stops eating, and the nurse sent to see if it’s real or a trick, and is described as a psychological thriller.

This is another book full of buzzwords I’m loving right now: historical, thriller, small town, folklore. This is also by the woman who wrote Room (you might have heard of it?) which I completely adored. That’s the book that got her as well known as she now is, but she’d previously written plenty of historical fiction novels, so I’m excited to see her in her element.

Three Dark Crowns – Kendare Blake | 22nd September

This is one I’m sure you’ve all heard of! The hype for this is REAL. This is a fantasy novel surrounding triplet sisters, who are all equal heirs to the throne and who all possess different magical abilities. When the sisters turn sixteen, they must compete in a battle to the death to see who’ll become the next queen.

Now, I’m not usually one for fantasy. I’ve been getting into more gentle fantasy, like the Winner’s trilogy, but I’ve never actually read a magical fantasy before – aside from the obvious books that shall not be named. But this one is screaming out at me to read it! It seems mad that the sisters will be ready to kill each other, but then I suppose they will have knows this was going to happen all their lives and been prepared for it. I’m so ready to dive into this fantasy world, but I’m more interested in seeing what their relationships are like and how they deal with having to fight to the death!

Replica – Lauren Oliver | 6th October

This is one I’m sure I’ve been anticipating since about January. This book has an interesting format, as it’s like two books in one, with a story on each side of the book. So you can read either one first, or you can read each one a chapter at a time, as if it’s one book with two perspectives. One story follows Lyra, who’s stuck inside a research facility called the Haven, which houses human clones, or replicas. Her and a friend manage to escape when there’s a sudden attach on the facility. The other story follows Gemma who, after nearly being abducted by a stranger, starts to investigate her family’s past and discovers a connection to the mysterious Haven institute. She travels to Florida to find out more, where she stumbles across two escaped replicas.

I’m not sure how I feel about the layout yet – I feel like there’s probably a better way to read it and I want the publisher to tell me what that is. But we’ll see! I also feel like the blurb gives away so much of the plot, but hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg. Even though I have a couple of reservations about it, this book sounds so exciting and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

The Wicked + The Divine – Volume 4 | 13th October

This is a graphic novel I’ve been reading since volume one came out, so it’s been painful reading it in real release time when I want all of the story at once! The story is set is our world in 2014, when the first volume was released, but with one difference: every 80 years, the gods are reincarnated into the bodies of humans, live for two years, and then die. Our main character is a normal teenage girl who becomes part of the huge fandom surrounding the gods, and gets caught up in the mystery when one of them is murdered.

The plot in the first three volumes had developed a lot, and got pretty complex. I’m definitely going to have to give the series a reread before I read volume four, so I’m not too lost, but I can’t wait for it. I have absolutely no idea where the plot is going to go and I love that it’s so unpredictable!

Glitter – Aprilynne Pike | 25th October

This book I found out about fairly recently but it MAY be the most exciting one on this list. Ok, so, this book is set in the near future, where a group of people live in the palace of Versailles. These people live their lives as if it’s the 18th century. Except there’s technology to make it super luxurious. Outside the palace, everyone else lives life normally. Our main character, Danica, lives in this palace, and is witness to a murder, which her mother uses to blackmail the terrifying king into making Danica his queen when she turns 18. So now, the palace has started to feel like a prison to Danica, and she has six months to raise enough money to escape, before she turns 18. So how does she go about raising that money? Glitter. A ridiculously addictive drug which she can sell for extortionate prices to anyone she managed to addict by mixing it with her lipgloss.

PHEW. So, a futuristic yet historical royalty drug-dealing blackmailing book – I’m sure it’s going to be an ADDICTIVE read! (hah, get it?)

I Hate Fairyland – Volume 2 | 15th December

Yes!!! What??? I didn’t even know this was happening until yesterday!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS. I adored volume one of I Hate Fairyland, and the ending was amazing, so I can’t wait to see where the story goes from there. This book follows a little girl, who wishes she could go to fairyland, and she does! The idea is, she has to go on a quest to find the key that’ll take her home, a quest that should take about a day. The people of fairyland get to give lots of little kids their dream of visiting fairyland, and they’re back home after only a day. Jump to 20 years later, where this little girl STILL HASN’T FOUND THE KEY, has aged 20 years, and is still in the body of a child. She’s gone a little insane. And gotten a little violent. And prone to binging on the fairyland equivalent of drugs and alcohol. All she wants is to find the key and go home! And fairyland has gotten quite sick of her too.

This is so good. Possibly my favourite graphic novel ever of all time. I really hope the second one lives up to the first, but I have a feeling it will. A lovely friend of mine offered to get it for me for christmas, to which I said ABSOLUTELY NOT because I need to read it on the day it comes out, and I can’t wait an extra 10 days for christmas!

So those are all the new releases I have on my list to keep track of, are you excited for any of these? Any others I should add to my list?






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